The Midlands Art Design Antiques Fair (MADA) is a unique event that celebrates the timeless beauty of art, antiques, and interior design. With a rich blend of history, culture, and craftsmanship, MADA is poised to become the premier destination for enthusiasts and collectors. Nestled within the iconic NEC, our fair embraces spaciousness and immersive experiences, offering a comfortable environment where attendees can engage directly with dealers, designers, and like-minded enthusiasts.
Our talk series, led by interior designers, adds an enriching dimension to MADA. These expert talks cover a wide spectrum of topics, from the fundamentals of harmonious living spaces to the latest trends in decor and aesthetics.

As we launch in April 2024, our vision is to establish MADA as a beacon of creativity, culture, and inspiration in the Midlands. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey, where the past meets the present, where authenticity and originality shine, and where art transforms living spaces into captivating environments. Welcome to MADA, where art, antiques, and interior design come to life.

The inaugural Midlands: Art, Design, Antiques (MADA) promises to be a cultural milestone in the Midlands, offering a diverse array of art, antiques, and interior design pieces. With its focus on quality, innovation, and a dynamic audience, MADA is positioned to rejuvenate the art and antiques trade, providing a platform for exhibitors to thrive in changing market dynamics. As the global art market demonstrates resilience and evolving trends, MADA offers a unique opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their finest offerings and engage with a discerning and passionate audience. This event stands as a testament to the enduring value of art, culture, and creativity in our world.
Richard Hease, Chairman Stable Events

To enquire about exhibiting please contact Terri Martin – terri@madafair.com